About Us

Vancouver, BC


Hispa Zaurus has exactly what it requires to keep tabs on all your kid’s profiles using a minimalist and easy-to-access mobile control board. Hispa Zaurus supplies moms and dads more opportunities for settlements with their kids. So schedule how when your kids can use their iPhones and iPads and secure them versus different online and offline dangers. Hispa Zaurus is everything about opening brand-new channels of discussion that are needed to instill the values of accountable online habits in your child.

Hispa Zaurus App Blocker makes handling your child's smart device activity a lot more simple with its effective app obstructing function. Safeguard your kids from the dangers of the web and prevent any unsolicited access to porn or other unsuitable material.


At the core of Hispa Zaurus is offering moms and dads the authority to get rid of interruptions of video games and social networks from their kid's gadgets with predetermined app obstructing schedules. So say goodbye to adult blues, say goodbye to hassle, use Hispa Zaurus and make your kids much better digital residents.